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Help These Oafs Get Their Shirts Over Their Heads

Ah, jeez. These oafs were trying to put on their shirts, but at the point in the process when shirt goes over head, something went wrong. Could you help these buffoons get their shirts over their heads, please?

This oaf could really use some assistance.

It’s difficult to imagine anyone having a harder time getting a shirt on than this guy right here. Do the right thing and help him get that puppy on.

Oh boy. This poor oaf. Why is he trying to button his shirt before putting it on?

Christ, he somehow got his shirt into a knot while trying to put it on. Help him out, would you?

This one has completely ruined his shirt with how he’s stretching out that neckhole. Just help him get it on and try not to make things worse.

Goddamn it. How did you get yourself into this?

Okay, so we know you already helped this oaf put his shirt on, but now you have to help him take it off. We’re sorry. It would really help.

This last goofball is pretty close. Just one little tug should get the job done. Thank you for helping out. In their own way, the oafs are appreciative too.