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Here Are 5 Normal Photos Of Tom Hardy To Tide You Over Until We Can Find One Where He Is Kissing An Alligator

We’re working on getting a picture of Tom Hardy kissing an alligator. For now, just sit tight and look at these regular Tom Hardy pics.

1. Until we get our hands on a shot of the A-lister locking lips with an alligator, this routine photo of Tom at a premiere will have to do.

2. We’re checking to see if he’s in Florida right now. You’ll have to be content with a no-frills shot of Tom Hardy’s face. Tracking down a Tom Hardy-plus-alligator picture is a pretty tall order.

3. Here he is wearing a hat. No, he’s not laying a wet one on a gator, but it’s what’s available right now. Just mark time for a second, would you?

4. We’ve got people placing calls to gator farms all over the South to see if anyone has a celebrity wall of fame or something. For now, here’s Tom Hardy with some dogs. Go nuts.

5. And here’s the last photo of Tom Hardy we’ve got. We’ll get back to you about the alligator. In the meantime, feel free to keep scrolling around.