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Here Are 7 Questions From The Original SAT In 1926

The original SAT test.

It’s been more than 90 years since the birth of the SAT, and a whole lot has changed since then, both on the test and in the world. These incredible questions from that original test offer a fascinating glimpse of what high school students were expected to know to get into college back in that long-gone era.

Wow, it’s easy to forget that just 90 years ago cars were still a relatively new technology and trains were still king.

Incredible! Look at those prices. 45 cents for a rotten ape pelt?! Sounds like 1926 was a great time to be alive.

This is pretty interesting. The SAT no longer includes science questions like this

Yikes! Can you believe 18-year-old kids were expected to know all this stuff back then?

This is the only question that still appears on the SAT, but the fishwife now has a lot fewer fish.

What an amazing window into what we used to think the SAT needed to test.

The times have really changed.