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Here Are The Finalists For Our Caption Contest!

Every month, we have a caption contest. We post an image, and ask you, our readers, for caption submissions. This was this month’s image:

We received thousands of submissions from all over the world. While many were great, there were several that rose above the rest. Here are the finalists for our caption contest!

Jonathan Shellbaum, Columbus, OH

A fitting caption! Well done, Jonathan!

Catherine Maylor, Barrington, RI

Nice one, Catherine! Really nailed the spirit of the photo. Congrats on being a finalist!

Dennis Clybourne, Detroit, MI

An extremely appropriate caption. Very good, Dennis!

Honorable Mention: Charles Demott, Whittier, CA

So close! Maybe next time, Charles.

We’d like to once again congratulate last month’s caption contest winner, Allison Meena of Denver, CO, for writing the perfect caption to go with this picture:

Remember to vote for your favorite caption by tweeting us @ClickHole, and make sure to start thinking of captions for next month’s picture: