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High-Five Boats Rounding The Southern Tip Of Africa, And 4 Other Plans For A Perfect Day In Cape Town

If you’ve only got 24 hours in Cape Town, here are the things you absolutely have to do!

1. Eat a plate of microwaved cut-up hot dogs and eggs: Tourists flock to the capital of South Africa for its delicious, exotic food scene, but true foodies crave one dish in particular: several sliced-up hot-dog pieces, nuked in a microwave for two minutes, that are served over scrambled eggs with a big bottle of ketchup. It’s packed with protein, totally affordable, and takes only minutes to prepare—why would you ever eat anything else when this exists?

2. High-five boats rounding the southern tip of Africa: Hold your hand out on the southernmost tip of Africa and bam—you’ll immediately feel a satisfying slap from a hand sticking out of a boat that is whipping around the corner at top speeds. Trust us: There is always a long line of ships rounding the corner, and hearing sailors shout “Up top, my man!” never gets old.

3. Take a scenic hike to the top of Cape Point and fall all the way back down: If you’re a more adventurous traveler, there’s nothing more satisfying than hiking to the top of the beautiful seaside cliff known as Cape Point and then immediately falling down a 238-meter cliff to the ocean below. Ideally, you should set aside a full day to explore, fall off the lighthouse, tumble down the jagged rocks, and splash into the water below. The views are absolutely breathtaking!

4. Think about home: Why did you leave home? Africa is so far from home. You miss home. Nothing is familiar here. Your home is literally continents away. All your friends and family are back home. You don’t know anyone in South Africa. Your boss is probably worried about you. Ah shit, coming to Cape Town was a bad idea. Goddamn it.

5. Look at a rock: Sure, it’s just a rock, but’s it’s a rock in Cape Town.