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Hot New Look: Jeff Garlin Is Sporting A Gigantic Beehive Hairdo That He Claims Was The Result Of An All-Acorn Diet

A beloved celebrity is sporting a new-and-improved look that’s bound to make eyes pop and jaws drop, and we are absolutely here for it! Yep, Jeff Garlin is sporting a gigantic beehive hairdo that he claims was the result of an all-acorn diet!

Yeah, you read that right! Jeff Garlin’s hair is tall, and he’s officially looking sexy as hell!

Garlin debuted his hot new 3-foot-tall beehive hairdo on yesterday’s episode of The View, striding through the curtain and onto stage sporting a stylish Armani suit with pockets bulging with acorns and looking absolutely drop-dead gorgeous with the brand-new column of shiny brown hair that Garlin has been proudly telling everyone who asks is the direct result of a strict, all-acorn diet.

“I’ve been eating nothing but acorns for about six months, and now I have big, beautiful hair, and it’s all thanks to my all-acorn diet,” the Goldbergs star told an obviously wowed Joy Behar, before standing up and proudly doing a slow ’n’ sassy 360-degree turn so the whole crew and studio audience could get a good view of his perfectly coiffed and gorgeously tall hair.

“I’m living proof that if you stay committed to an all-acorn diet and resist the urge to indulge in sweets or red meat or any food that isn’t acorns, then you can grow a beautiful beehive hairdo that will turn heads and make you feel sexy and confident,” Garlin told the studio audience, who immediately burst into deafening applause.

Uh, yeah. Judging from his perfectly vertical ’do, it’s safe to say that Garlin’s dedication to an all-acorn diet completely paid off. He’s totally transformed and looking hotter than ever.

The interview eventually turned to the star’s current work on the most recent seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Goldbergs, but honestly we’ll understand if no one heard a word of it because we were too in awe of Garlin as he occasionally primped his big hair and munched on the acorns in his pockets for the entire show. “My beehive hairdo became this beautiful because I regularly eat acorns—and only acorns—constantly throughout the day, and so I need to be eating acorns continuously in order to maintain it,” Garlin explained as Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and the rest of the View hosts nodded intently.

And yes, Whoopi, we caught you staring at Jeff’s hot new hive! We can’t blame you, though. Jeff’s hairdo is absolutely perfect, and most celebrities would kill for a cut that tall and round.

Needless to say we definitely, 100 percent approve of Garlin’s fab new look. If an all-acorn diet can get you a beehive hairdo like that, then sign us up, because Jeff is officially living his best life and looking hotter than ever!