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How The Standing Toilet Is Revolutionizing Workplace Health

It’s Monday. You go to work, drop your stuff at your desk, walk to the bathroom, and sit down on the toilet. You don’t even question it—it’s just the default.

But a growing body of scientific research suggests that too much toilet can have serious long-term health effects, ranging from increased cholesterol to diabetes and, in worst cases, cancer. So, how can workers keep using the toilet without compromising their well-being?

An ergonomic office innovation called the standing toilet may help answer that question.

Its clever design lets users continue toilet use while standing up, while also lengthening their lifespans. According to some, the standing toilet even makes them feel more energized when they’re using the toilet!

Already embraced at many young Silicon Valley startups, the standing toilet offers an alternative for health-conscious bathroom users who want to avoid the hassle of getting up from the toilet every few minutes to walk around.

Standing toilets aren’t for everyone, of course, but if you’re someone who spends eight hours a day or more sitting on the toilet, this is definitely something to consider trying out!