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How Well Do You Know The Words To Robert Frost’s ‘My Horse Is Stuck In A Tree (Once Again)?’

circa 1963: American poet Robert Frost (1874 - 1963) sits at a microphone, reading from a piece of paper. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

How Well Do You Know The Words To Robert Frost’s 'My Horse Is Stuck In A Tree (Once Again)?'


If you made it through public school in the United States, you’ve definitely heard Robert Frost’s famous 1920 poem, “My Horse Is Stuck In A Tree (Once Again).” But how well do you know all the words? Take this quiz to find out!


I stand at odds with nature in the woods

My heart is spilling over with despair

For far above the ground where he once stood


1. My horse has made a nearby tree his lair
2. My horse has climbed a tree with ‘mazing flair
3. My horse is neighing high up in the air
4. My horse is in a tree and it’s not fair

Good guess! This is the line where the narrator explains that his situation is not at all fair.


The horse I have is good, and old, and big

For many years he served me more than well

But now he sits above me in the twigs


1. He’d crush my bones to pieces if he fell
2. And all I do is yell and yell and yell
3. I would prefer to spend my life in Hell
4. Perhaps I’ll write some poems for a spell…

Historians say that Robert Frost consulted six different human anatomy textbooks to come up with this line about what could happen to the narrator’s bones if his horse were to land on top of him.


So many times before this has occurred

My fat old horse has shimmied up an oak

Then stayed there with the squirrels and the birds


1. While I hid my face in shame from the townsfolk
2. While I screamed “Worthless horse, I wish you’d croak!”
3. I guess this is some sort of equine joke
4. I only wish I’d worn my climbing cloak

This is the line in which the poem’s narrator remembers times in the past when he has screamed at his horse.


The journey we are taking has been long

I must arrive in town before it’s night

I’m put in mind of my old favorite song

“My Horse Is __________”

1. In A Tree, And In There Tight
2. Giving Me An Awful Fright
3. Holding On With All His Might
4. So Annoying, Ain’t That Right

True Robert Frost aficionados will remember that part of the poem refers to the 19th century Quaker folk song “My Horse Is In A Tree, And In There Tight.”


His hooves are wrapped around the slender trunk

He must be thirty feet up in the sky

This whole ordeal has put me in a funk


1. The way my horse acts makes me want to cry
2. I’m really in a pickle, I won’t lie
3. I hope a hawk will bite him, by and by
4. I hope a hawk will bite him and he’ll die

At this point, the poem takes a dark turn, and the narrator expresses his hope that his horse will die from a hawk bite.


I grab a pinecone from the leaf-strewn ground

And chuck it at my horse with all my power

It hits his ___ with a ____ sound

But still he does not topple from his tower

1. horse leg, thwacking
2. horse rump, rump-like
3. horse head, hollow
4. horse teeth, music

Fun fact: Robert Frost believed that horse’s teeth made more beautiful music than any man-made instrument!


Alas, I’ve failed, and now the sun has set

My steed is laughing at me from the tree

Did I deserve this awful fate I’ve met?


1. You would be crying too if you were me
2. When my horse laughs, it sounds like “hee hee hee”
3. To think, once long ago I was carefree
4. It’s time to throw my horse into the sea

This line references the deep emotional turmoil that the narrator has been going through during his ordeal.


Oh horse, my horse! You have not made me glad

I can’t go on without you on the ground

When you are in a tree it drives me mad


1. My pet horse never ceases to astound
2. This stupid horse belongs back at the pound
3. And that’s my poem — please pass it around
4. At this point I have no choice but to frown

Robert Frost ends this verse on a self-promotional note as he pleads with his audience to pass his poem around to friends and family.

All 8 questions completed!

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How Well Do You Know The Words To Robert Frost’s 'My Horse Is Stuck In A Tree (Once Again)?'

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