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I Hope You DISGUSTING DEMS Are Happy, Because Now A KNOWN SEX PERVERT Has A BUNCH MORE Free Time On His Hands

Just when I thought you Dumb-o-crats couldn’t get any dumber, you’ve somehow managed to find a way to take your stupidity to a whole new freakin’ level. After weeks of phone-banking and throwing political hissy fits on Facebook, you snowflake shitstains miraculously succeeded in getting radical leftist Doug Jones elected. Well, I hope you’re enjoying your vegan victory parties, because by electing Jones, you’ve given known sex pervert Roy Moore a bunch of free time on his hands.

Bravo, libtards. You have essentially given a well-documented pedophile free rein to prey on America’s youth.

Seriously, what in the goddamn hell were you democrat dipshits thinking?!? Electing Roy Moore to the Senate would’ve been a huge win for the entire country, because a dangerous sexual predator would’ve been taken off the streets and safely quarantined in the U.S. Capitol building, where there are no unattended children for him to prey on and a demanding work schedule to keep him busy. But now, as an unemployed 70-year-old man, he’s completely free to spend the rest of his days pinching and groping at any underage child that wanders within his reach. Democrats might as well have jacked him up on Cialis and cut him loose in a Gymboree, because it is officially open season for ol’ Roy.

Seriously, what in the goddamn hell were you democrat dipshits thinking?!?

It’s honestly breathtaking how badly you liberals managed to fuck this one up. Had you simply done the right thing and let Doug Jones take the “L,” you would’ve freed up a decent, hard-working civil servant to focus all his energy on bettering the great state of Alabama—he would’ve been a mighty pillar in his community for decades to come. Instead, Jones will just be yet another impotent cog blindly serving the Clinton agenda while child molester Roy Moore will have carte blanche to prowl America’s playgrounds without any of the moral scrutiny he’d be subjected to as an elected official. If the guy plays his cards right, he can become the Michael Jordan of pedophiles, and it’s all thanks to the army of cucks who voted Doug Jones in.

Sadly, now that the deed is done and Doug Jones is a U.S. Senator, all we can do is start looking towards 2020 and pray that parents in Alabama have the good sense to keep their children indoors until that pervert Roy Moore inevitably dies of autoerotic asphyxiation in an Urban Outfitters changing room. But hopefully we all learn a lesson from this shameful chapter in our political history and see to it that, when pedophiles run for office in the future, Americans from both sides of the aisle come together and do everything in their power to make sure that these sickos are elected off of our streets and safely confined within our storied, child-free halls of Congress. However, considering the boundless degeneracy of you communist voters, I fear that such a day may sadly never come.