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I Maybe Be Died, But My LEgacty Will Live On Insode Computetr” (by Queen Elizabeth II)

Ther’s no need for,me to long in amymore, as today, I be died.

Greegings, fellow Quens.  , Queet Esplisabrth here, dead. I may be unfrontunatly died, but I have instruncted my compuerterer to live. So it might be a surmprise to you That you arer reading this email,

Throught my life, I have compplished 4 things  L: WAs Queen, Husband Died, Became A Blonger, Used Compleruter. And even i n Deadth I will blog. You see , complutoer very complecated technomogy. Even Billgate himslef not really know what going on inside that wild little cube we Call the home computing experiense. He try but do not know. I asked. So , just because my legacy of Real Wrold is totally gone, erased by death at 15,6 year;s old from Sporntanious Melfing,. it doesnt mean that my e-legacy will also be goned. Infact, quit the opposute.

In my twiglike years , I often thoufht about where will I goed if I died. As youngths, we beleieve we’re are invisible. But as time go On,    m ,  we loss out parent;s , and our Autn and Uncler, and eventiaual l yly, our friends. And we begin to stink “uh oh , gueass I gonna die too. “which make You think :oh oh. What gonna hampen when I die? Some beleieve we are goin to heaven or hell , Some beleieve we are reincampulated as a Frog or Roll , and other’s beieve we simplety become dusty.

When Human brain die, 14 things halpen: Body shrunks, dead, etc . Actually, just the 2 things. But thing’s like blogging and coputert enjoyment stay inside the e-netter for Extremity. So, if some one make a blog, which everyone does, they put in into cpmputer, and then even if they’re phjuscial body dieds, ther’e computer blogs live on for as long as thei’re Acer is going.

You see, inside computer is a microchimp. And inside that chint is a lot of little bugs and stea,m etc bascially all the shitt we have got on the real world , only small and inside Comompter. I won’t get into it now, it too computerclated for most understanders. But the improntant thing to understand is that you will never understand it.

HAve you seen the movie Avtarbar? It about a computere n  ,  ,    

Avtarbar is , movie. And it explorms the Corncept of go into computeer. It internetting, acutal ly, the idea of go inline forever. Now , I; m not a relagious persom , howfefer, I find comport in Know that we

Always gonna be togetehr inside compurtert. Will we , feel same way>>? We donow know. Is there a soul or somethung That make’s a Humand berign differnet than simply a collenctio n of 1’s and 0’s inside camuclator or Palystation? Perhamps. But as technomogy Advances rapidly and delighfuly , could our whole Universe be recreate Inside compuetr? Could lifeas we kmow it already Be inside such a compieruter, running on an endless cycel repeating like DVD menu or Metroid? Will We see our love;d ones again? Will they be differend, or the Sam? When we trun to dust  ,will that dust becaome something new, and if so m is, that soemthing neew “us”? Is consisusunous pobbisle inside comfutor?

Forme, i always beleieaved the greastest hope for a afterlife is right inside a Nice Computer , and I    am here to , , tell yuo now, That wihikle I may no lorgner be on Earfh ,   inside compliter I am alife and welfe.

I know today you may,be sand becasue I die, but let’s be realintic here, we were never gonna hnag out anyway , Un my eblog . nothing wil l l   l  l       l      have changed hownever. You  can stull read all of my thought’s and curses. I will behere, you will behere, we will behere.

sometime, when people die, they eager to go to see their oldfriend inside heaven or their diedhusband , not Me. I am exite to be inside computerer 100% instead just 85% . This rules.

Gracious be to computerqer, gracious to be e-me.

Your roytal magnety,

Quen Elatifah the 4st