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I Want These.

I’ve got my eye on a lot of things right now, but I can’t have them all. Here are a few of the things I want!

1. I want this snowboard.

2. I want this guitar.

3. I want these running shoes. I want them in a size 10!

4. I am very hungry. I would like to have this apple, and then I would like to eat it.

5. Just imagine having this. I want it.

6. I want these, but only because I need them…

7. Who wouldn’t want this? The blue is my favorite.

8. I still want that apple, but this banana is also something I want.

9. This jukebox too. Yes.

10. Want.

11. Now, please.

12. I don’t think you can have this, but it would be so cool if you could.

13. I want socks too. Someday!