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If George Clooney Ever Says Something Racist, Use The Sliders To Turn This List Of 7 Reasons He Is The Perfect Movie Star Into 7 Reasons Why He Needs To Crawl Into The Ocean And Die

Everyone knows that George Clooney is literally the perfect movie star. He’s charming, sexy, and talented…and did we say sexy? Here are seven of the many reasons why George Clooney is the greatest Hollywood star ever, although if he ever says anything racist, use the sliders to turn this list into seven reasons why George Clooney is a repulsive piece of shit who needs to crawl into the ocean and die.

If George Clooney ever ends up saying something racially insensitive, just use the sliders to turn this list about how he’s perfect into a list about how he’s an irredeemable piece of shit. It’s good to be prepared.

See how convenient that switch was? If Clooney ever fucks up, we’ve got you covered!

In the event that George Clooney says something offensive, listicles about how amazing he is will need to be replaced with listicles about how horrible he is. We’re just trying to make the transition nice and streamlined for you.

Whether we currently love George Clooney or hate George Clooney, this list is highly adaptable for whatever life throws our way.

You never know what’s going to happen in the future. Right now, you might need a list about how George Clooney is literally flawless, but at some point in the future, you might need a list about how he’s an ignorant fuckwit who deserves death. Just use the sliders to adjust this content as necessary.

Seriously, you’ll thank us for this if it ever becomes fashionable to hate George Clooney. It’s just good to have some flexibility.

We thought it was important to have all our bases covered.