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Incredible: Here’s How People In Every State Say ‘Here Comes A Big Roaring Man Emerging From The Lake’

People all across America have different, quirky regionalisms for phrases like “rubbernecking,” “garage sale,” and, “Here comes a big roaring man emerging from the lake.” If you want to know how people in all 50 states (plus Puerto Rico and D.C.) say “big roaring man emerging from the lake,” here is the definitive guide!

Alabama: “Here comes this year’s offering from the land of towering ocean boys.”

Alaska: “The fish have relinquished Dr. Whisper.”

Arizona: “He can’t be stopped, the enormous Whore of Roar.”

Arkansas: “The swan’s trumpeting foretold it, the lake’s rippling declared it.”

California: “Yo there, shirtless one!”

Colorado: “Taller than a mountain, creation’s loudest horror approaches.”

Connecticut: “Ascending damp howler confirmed.”

Delaware: “Howler confirmation is what we’ve just obtained regarding the ascending damp one of them.”

Florida: “Beach day!”

Georgia: “He’s the vocal aggressor from the deep, he’s the large golem on a mission.”

Hawaii: “Aloha to our screaming savior!”

Idaho: “Small roaring man emerging from the pond.”

Illinois: “This must not happen again.”

Indiana: “The hefty shouter has surfaced,” (Northern Indiana) OR, “The hefty shouter has crested” (Southern Indiana).

Iowa: “Spittin’ image of the mayor.”

Kansas: “Well, here comes my grandmom’s favorite fish!”

Kentucky: ”Happy birthday, sweet lion!”

Louisiana: “Entrée big daddy.”

Maine: “It’s officially autumn.”

Maryland: “The devil’s errand is fulfilled.”

Massachusetts: “I read about this in the daily paper.”

Michigan: “God has arrived!”

Minnesota: “Treat the big roaring man emerging from the lake the same way you’d want to be treated if you were roaring and emerging from a lake.”

Mississippi: “Father!”

Missouri: “It’s time for dinner and that roaring man galloping out of the lake is invited!”

Montana: “It’s time for dinner, and that roaring man galloping out of the lake is not permitted to even look at our food!”

Nebraska: “Give that damp, loud priest his pick of our firstborns.”

Nevada: “He isn’t our friend, but he is our husband.”

New Hampshire: “The devil’s errand is forgotten.”

New Jersey: “Bring us a fish, fish boy!”

New Mexico: “Keep that bellowing guy’s lake diseases away from our beautiful New Mexico hospitals!”

New York: “Jason Alexander has crawled his way out of the TV!”

North Carolina: “Roar us the news from Atlantis, you sopping-wet oracle!”

North Dakota: “There aren’t enough mops in the world to dry up the one and only Yelling Cowboy!”

Ohio: “Hey! That’s our lake, mister! Stop emerging from it!”

Oklahoma: “Lock the cellar door and grab the nearest towel!”

Oregon: There are several different regional versions of the phrase that are popular across the state of Oregon—they include, “Here’s a hefty yeller,” “Here’s a dripping yeller,” and “Here’s a full-grown yeller in the water.”

Pennsylvania: “If he hasn’t studied opera yet, Juilliard’s only a train ride away.”

Puerto Rico: “¡Escuchen todos al hombre enorme y mojado!”

Rhode Island: “The honking boat with arms docks tonight.”

South Carolina: “Birthed from the waves, he rises screaming.”

South Dakota: “Yikes and hooray!”

Tennessee: “The devil’s errand is in progress.”

Texas: “If he isn’t pregnant, it’s a better year than last.”

Utah: “Our gorgeous lake has given us a twilight gift, and we hate it.”

Vermont: “Give the loud priest his pick of our firstborns.”

Virginia: “If the big man comes and he doesn’t make a sound, jump in the lake and make sure he hasn’t drowned.”

Washington: “Whoop whoop, yes!”

Washington, D.C.: “Finally, our underwater senator!”

West Virginia: “Why the scream, friend?”

Wisconsin: “The wet circle we call the lake has lost its only singer.”

Wyoming: “Here comes a big roaring woman emerging from the lake.”