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Incredible Sacrifice: Meet The Heroic Teen Who Volunteered To Be Pierced 50,000 Times In Order To Save Claire’s From Bankruptcy

When Claire’s filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Monday, many people worried that the beloved accessory store would soon be shuttering its doors forever. But thanks to the brave sacrifice of Delaware teenager Kelli Cohen, it looks like Claire’s just might survive: Kelli has heroically volunteered to get 50,000 body piercings in order to save Claire’s from bankruptcy.

Absolutely inspiring! This is what true courage looks like.

As soon as Kelli heard that her favorite jewelry store was facing financial hardship, she traveled to the Claire’s outlet at her local mall and immediately purchased enough piercings to cover every square inch of her skin with birthstone studs in order to provide the business with a massive revenue spike. Even as her entire body began to disappear under a solid layer of faux diamonds and rhinestones, this fearless martyr remained determined and continued to purchase piercings until she had no skin left to offer.

“Although my skin has been punctured tens of thousands of times, and although my body is now entombed in an exoskeleton of cubic zirconia studs, it is a small price to pay to keep Claire’s alive,” said Kelli shortly after receiving her 40,000 piercings. “I will continue to offer up my body as an offering in order to give Claire’s the business it needs to get out of the red.”

By the time Kelli had left the store, she was covered in over 400 pounds of budget-priced jewelry, which forced her to painfully drag herself across the floor in order to move. It was horrific to watch, but now anyone who sees Kelli’s jewel-encrusted body glittering in the sun will know that this is the girl who sacrificed herself to save Claire’s.

What a generous and incredibly brave young woman. For years to come, little girls shopping for bracelets and headbands at Claire’s will hear the story of the selfless girl who allowed herself to be destroyed so that Claire’s could live on. Congrats, Kelli—you’re a true hero!