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Incredible: This Remote Amazon Tribe Is Only On Season 2 Of ‘The Sopranos’

Hidden among the dense rainforests of the Amazon exists a dwindling number of indigenous peoples whose isolated cultures remain untouched by the industrialized world. And in one of the most striking examples of just how cut off many of these civilizations are, scientists have come into contact with a remote Amazon tribe that is only on season two of The Sopranos.

Wow! What an amazing discovery!

On a recent Amazonian expedition, a team of archaeologists reportedly encountered a previously undiscovered tribe that has only finished watching the 13th episode of the show’s second season, “Funhouse,” in which Tony is arrested by the FBI. According to their research, the isolated tribesmen and women have extensive knowledge about Tony Soprano’s family and criminal history from early plotlines, but have no idea where that will take him in the third through seventh seasons.

“While the tribe knew about the inner workings of the DiMeo family’s tenuous relationship with the Mafia, these isolated peoples have yet to see the aftermath of Big Pussy Bonpensiero ratting them out to the FBI,” said Robert Abreu, emphasizing that this 30-person group is far behind other cultures in its knowledge of the HBO classic. “Right now, they are only invested in Tony; his mother; Jennifer Melfi; and his protégé, Christopher. If any of these people were to see Tony Soprano’s cousin, Tony Blundetto, or other characters from beyond the show’s 26th episode, they would be both confused and shocked, to say the least. ”

After weeks of interviewing the remote people, researchers further admitted they were stunned at how in-depth the tribe’s knowledge of the first two seasons was, and theorize that its isolation had allowed its opinions to not be clouded by the remaining seven seasons. However, their findings also noted that the tribe still believed that Christopher would still get back with his girlfriend, Adriana, and had no idea that the show would take a nosedive during a critically panned season six or end in such a controversial season seven finale.

Truly a stunning find!

While there’s no telling how this tribe will react when season three begins to creep into members’ lives, it will definitely be interesting to see how they react. Until then, let’s hope that the researchers can avoid spoilers and let the tribe discover seasons three through seven of The Sopranos on its own!