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Incredible: This Woman Can Use Everyday Makeup To Transform Herself Into Someone Who People Refuse To Take Seriously At Work

Ladies, forget everything you know about makeup, because the game has officially changed. Alicia Norman, a 25-year-old paralegal from Los Angeles, is completely rocking the cosmetic world with her incredible cost-saving routine: She uses everyday makeup to transform herself into someone who people refuse to take seriously at work.

Um, yeah. Alicia is officially our new style icon.

You might expect that Alicia spends hundreds of dollars on beauty products to get her amazing “just interrupted mid-sentence during a presentation I spent weeks preparing” look. Guess again! Alicia is proof that ANY woman can get a look that will cause male coworkers to say, “Ooh, hot date tonight?” while you’re trying to review client feedback using JUST the makeup you already have at home.

The crazy thing is, before she puts on any makeup, Alicia looks like an average woman with intelligent thoughts and opinions that deserve rudimentary consideration by her coworkers. However, as soon as she applies the $10 foundation that she gets at CVS, she becomes someone who is referred to as “sweetie” or “honey” by people who are her same age and pay grade. While you could go to Clinique for top-shelf eyeliner, Alicia’s stunning look proves that liner for a fraction of the price will have the men in your office just assuming you’ll refill the coffee carafe when it runs out in the middle of a three-hour meeting!

But Alicia’s secret weapon is a $5 tube of e.l.f. lipstick that is pretty much the same shade as her actual lips, but it magically turns her friendly reminders about upcoming deadlines into bitchy nags. If you want everyone at work to think that your ideas are vapid and silly for only the price of a latte, you’ve got to get that color!

Ladies, follow Alicia’s example and don’t shell out for the top shelf for your office looks! With all the money you save from buying high-end makeup, you can pick up a cute blouse that will transform you into someone your male coworkers give a shoulder rub to, even though you didn’t ask them to. Amazing!