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Incredibly Thoughtful: This Woman Posts A Tribute To Jon Voight Whenever She Goes On Vacation Just In Case He Dies

Some people just go the extra mile. Erica Fendrich is the kind of everyday hero who takes the time to appreciate those around her. That’s why, every time she goes on vacation, she posts a moving tribute to Jon Voight in case he dies while she’s gone.

Erica never leaves town without first posting a heartfelt appreciation of the actor’s life and work, just to be on the safe side. Whether it’s a compliment on his latest project or a black-and-white photograph with an accompanying quote, vacation doesn’t begin for Erica until she’s covered her bases by posting a stirring dedication to the veteran actor.

This is the kind of thoughtful gesture that too often goes unnoticed in our increasingly hectic world.

Here are some of Erica’s touching notes:

Wow. Even when it’s her time to unplug and unwind, she’s still thinking of others! When we eventually do lose Jon Voight, we can rest assured that Erica will have honored him, no matter where in the world she is. We could all use a few more people like Erica in our lives.