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Inspiring: After 4 Hours In A Recliner, This Dad Is Learning To Walk Again

Even in the face of great adversity, people have a way of pushing themselves to overcome anything they put their minds to. Nobody knows that better than 46-year-old Todd Delise, who inspired the world last week with his powerful story: After four hours in a recliner, this dad is learning to walk again.

Chills. This is the story of a man who set out to defeat the odds and did just that.

Despite falling into a deep, relaxed state in front of ESPN yesterday afternoon, close friends and family say the father of two fought with all his strength to move his legs once they had fallen asleep. While at first those around him were pessimistic, now, with one hand firmly planted on the back of his chair for balance, he is getting up to take his first steps toward the bathroom in four whole hours.

Todd, you’re our hero. What an incredible example of someone who isn’t willing to let even the toughest obstacles get in their way. Given his current progress, it seems like it won’t be long before Todd is able to get back to his normal activities, like making BLTs and standing on a chair to check out the leak in the living-room ceiling!

Well, all we can say is “wow.” You really couldn’t ask for a happier outcome, or for a more inspiring story. Let’s give it up for Todd and his amazing perseverance!