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Inspiring: This Mom Dressed Her Hostage Up As Powerful Women Throughout History

Jessica Pinker isn’t just your average mom—she’s also a badass feminist photographer. So, when Jessica talked to her 5-year-old daughter, Emma, about her role models, and no women made the cut, she was understandably shocked. That’s when this mom decided to do something absolutely incredible: She dressed up the hostage she was keeping in her basement as powerful women throughout history and made the photos into a beautiful series!

You go, girl!

Yup! According to her blog post about the project, this photoshoot wasn’t just any game of dress-up—Jessica wanted to use her hostage to show her daughter exactly what real role models look like. It took a few days, but this #1 mom transformed a middle-aged captive into over 20 different trailblazing women, and made something that her daughter will absolutely never forget.

So, ready to feel inspired? Check out some of her awesome series below!

Susan B. Anthony

Amelia Earhart

Frida Kahlo

Gloria Steinem

Jane Goodall

Joan of Arc

Wow. What an incredible gift!

Sure, Emma might not have been able to name inspiring women before, but judging by these photos, she’s definitely an expert now. So thanks, Jessica—with moms like you out there, we know there are great things in our daughters’ futures!