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Inspiring: This Surf Instructor Gives A Free Lesson To Anyone Who Signs Up For 6 Lessons

Here’s a story that’s guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye. Kyle Flynn, a surf instructor in La Jolla, CA is giving back to his community in a big way by doing something absolutely amazing: Whenever anyone signs up for six surfing lessons with him, Kyle gives them a seventh lesson for free.

What a beautiful act of kindness!

It’s a simple but powerful idea: If you pay for six half-hour surf lessons at the regular price, you get the $40 fee waived on the seventh. If you want to see an example of a hero who’s serious about making a difference, you need look no further than this flyer that’s circulating in La Jolla this month:

Just…wow. In a world too often consumed by hate and selfishness, it’s nice to see someone like Kyle who is so committed to generosity that on top of all this, he’s offering a free wetsuit rental each time you refer a new student, and giving anyone who “likes” his page on Facebook a free sticker from the surf shop.

Bravo, Kyle! You’re a shining example for us all.