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Inspiring! This Teen Only Masturbates To Pre-Photoshopped Images Of Models And Actresses

Meet Sam Piekarski. In most ways, he’s just a normal 14-year-old boy, but in one important way, Sam is setting a positive example for how society should treat women. That’s because Sam only masturbates to pre-Photoshopped pictures of models and actresses.

That’s right. While the media pressures women to adhere to unrealistic standards of beauty, altering their appearances with makeup and Photoshop, this teenager is taking a stand to appreciate and vigorously masturbate to images of famous women as they naturally are.

“I don’t need pictures of women to be airbrushed or enhanced by a computer for me to rub one off to them,” says Piekarski, who says he masturbates to images of women in their natural state as much as twice a day. “A lot of people might not think that this picture of Megan Fox with visible blemishes is attractive, but to me, she still looks good.”

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And it’s not just actresses and models. Sam is open-minded enough to masturbate to unaltered images of pop stars like Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, and even photo spreads of female athletes.

We may live in a world where most men are too narrow-minded to pleasure themselves to pictures of Hope Solo or Caroline Wozniacki still wearing sweaty workout clothes, but that wouldn’t be the case if more people just followed Sam’s forward-thinking example.

“Look at these TMZ photos of Brooklyn Decker,” says Piekarski, pointing to his phone. “You can tell they didn’t Photoshop anything, and if I tried hard enough, I could probably find something to masturbate to in all of them.”

So, how does Sam explain his decision to masturbate to unfiltered Instagram selfies of Miley Cyrus rather than the artificially enhanced images provided by the mainstream media?

“For me, it’s not about whether a picture, like this one of Eva Green out shopping without makeup, is what a woman is ‘supposed’ to look like. It’s about whether it’s hot enough to jack off to. And it is.”

“At the end of the day,” adds Sam, “I’m just doing what feels good.”