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Inspiring: This Woman Turned Her Passion For Sculpture Into A Career In Real Estate

If you’re someone with a passion that’s a little outside the box who hopes to make it your whole livelihood, you’re going to want to read this amazing story about following your dreams: This woman turned her passion for sculpture into a career in real estate.

Incredible! Take that, people who try to tell you to get a “real job!”

Starting at a young age, 32-year-old Corporate Real Estate Manager Maria Thompson showed an incredible talent for sculpture, winning several regional art contests as a teen with her unique abstract works carved entirely out of wood. Maria knew even then that she wanted to continue creating art as long as she lived, so she spent six difficult but rewarding years studying sculpture as an artist’s apprentice, working her fingers to the bone to hone her craft. Then, after Maria attempted to monetize her talent by participating in gallery showings and opening an Etsy store, the dismally meager profits she received and the lack of financial stability she experienced inspired her to complete the required 72 hours of real estate pre-license education before passing her state’s real estate sales licensing exam. All of those years in her studio soon started to pay off, as Maria quickly climbed the ladder at her agency from Associate Sales Agent to Corporate Real Estate Manager.

Sculpture has always been in Maria’s blood, and she’s come a long way since laying a drop cloth on her bed so she could sculpt into the night because she didn’t have a proper studio. Now, she spends her busy day on calls with property lawyers and overseas corporate real estate investors, sealing deals on high rise management contracts and leasing long term office facility rentals.

Badass, Maria! You’re living every artist’s dream!

Sometimes it can be tempting to abandon your passions and take the easy route through life, which is why it’s all the more important to highlight stories like Maria’s where someone refuses to give up on their true calling until they’re renting corporate training facilities to Fortune 500 companies. Good for you, Maria! We could all use a little reminder that it’s not always easy to achieve your dreams, but with dedication, focus, and a heart filled with love for what you do, you really can make your greatest aspirations come true!