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‘Let’s Get Twisted, Bitch!’: 31 Slogans Disneyland Tried Out Before Landing On ‘The Happiest Place On Earth’

For decades, Disneyland has been known worldwide as “The Happiest Place On Earth,” but it hasn’t always been that way. Before it opened, Walt Disney and his team struggled to come up with marketing language that clearly conveyed their fantastical vision for the theme park, and a number of slogan options were considered before they ultimately landed on the one we all know today. Here are the 31 slogans that didn’t end up making the cut.

1. One Of The 3 Fun Things You Can Do In 1955

2. Where It Seems Like Disneyland

3. Let’s Get Twisted, Bitch!

4. An Old Man Made A Place For Children

5. Magic. Imagination. Bed Bugs. Fun.

6. Goofy’s Palace Of Perversion

7. C’mon…You Know What Disneyland Is

8. Want To See A Replica Steamboat? No? Okay, Well, Let Us Know If You Change Your Mind.

9. The Man-Sized Duck Will Pet Your Children

10. Pretty Good Place To Get Covid

11. If You Lose Your Kid In Disneyland We’ll Do Science Experiments On Them

12. The Home Of Titty Sweat

13. No No No No No No No…

14. Where Girls Learn To Be Skinny And Quiet

15. We Don’t Know Who All The Costumed Monsters Walking Around Are. They Were Just Here.

16. We HAve Castle ,

17. Bring Your Own Duck Sauce, Assholes! We Don’t Have Any And We Never Will!

18. A Place Where Smells Happen And Stinks Come True

19. The Place On Earth!

20. Welcome To Coward’s Canyon

21. The Rides Aren’t Safe Because There Aren’t Laws For That Yet

22. Well, Well, Well…If It Isn’t Disneyland

23. The Park Is On Fire! Wait, No—Opposite Of That

24. Where Ducks Become Men

25. If You Shoot One Of The Characters You Can Bring Home Its Head And Hang It On Your Wall Like A Deer

26. Where ONLY ONE Child Has Been Strangled By An Animatronic Pirate

27. Genghis Khan’s Glorious Vision Brought To Life

28. Get A Caramel Apple Stuck In Your Huge Beehive Hair

29. Don’t Freaking Come Here! We’re Tired!

30. Shoot Dwarves With A Pellet Gun To Win Prizes

31. No Irish Permitted