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Liberal Hypocrisy: When Obama Was President Democrats Were Okay With Him Being President, But When Trump Is President Suddenly It’s Wrong To Be President?

Liberal morons have no principles other than to hate on President Donald John Trump, so of course they’ll criticize everything he does for no reason. Case in point, Democrats loved it when their hero Barack Obama was president, but now that Trump is president it’s suddenly bad to be president?

Make up your mind, liberal flip-floppers: Is it good to be president or bad to be president?

Every day the hypocritical lamestream media attacks President Trump for living in the White House and being president, things they always praised Obama for doing. Liberal news outlets like the #FailingNewYorkTimes viciously slander our brave leader and say it would be good if Trump wasn’t president, completely forgetting they were all in favor of Obama being president.

Two-faced libtards might pretend they don’t remember, but they elected Obama president not just once but twice! But President Trump gets elected president just once, and that’s not okay all of a sudden?

Trump is even doing all the president things Obama was lauded for, like signing executive orders and being married to the first lady, yet it’s never good enough. #DisgustingCNN even criticized President Donald John Trump just for saying nice things about Vladimir Putin, even though Obama said nice things about many people while he was president, without a single complaint from Democrats.

It seems that leftists will never be happy with Trump until there is no president, unless they change their minds of course and decide they once again want someone to be president. The double standard is shameful. Liberal hypocrisy has officially sunk to a new low.