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Life Of Luxury: The $1,200 Tent That Daniel Craig Lives In Will Completely Blow You Away

A-list celebrities live a life of luxury that’s beyond most people’s wildest dreams. For proof, look no further than Daniel Craig, because the $1,200 tent that he lives in will completely blow you away!

Jaw, meet floor.

This isn’t just any old tent that Daniel Craig lives in. This is a top-of-the-line tent with over 140 square feet of living space. To put that in perspective, the average tent is only about 35 square feet. This Spectre star’s residence is far and away the nicest tent that any mainstream actor is living in today.

Purchased in 2013 and located in a forest about 18 miles northwest of Oxford, England, this opulent shelter boasts a battery-powered mini-fridge, an easily detachable nylon divider splitting the tent into two rooms, and a plush Gore-Tex sleeping bag. Not to mention that the tent can comfortably sleep up to eight (!!!) people.


Those are just the kinds of features you get when you’re James Bond.

Just imagine finishing up a long day on set and coming home to a tent with four separate mesh vents that provide a number of versatile ventilation options. Well, Daniel Craig doesn’t have to imagine it, because he’s lucky enough to do that every day. No wonder he’s so hesitant to sign on for another Bond movie; it’s gotta be hard to get up and out the door when you live in one of the most extravagant tents on the market.

Oh, and did we mention the lightweight aluminum alloy rods that keep the tent secure in winds up to 120 miles per hour?

Yep, it’s officially safe to say that Daniel Craig lives in the most incredible tent we’ve ever seen. Congrats, Daniel! You deserve it.