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Here come Lips.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting none other than Lips.

Oh, yes, these Lips are certainly fine.

Lips on parade.

When we heard about Lips we didn’t believe it, but here are some right here and you just can’t argue with the facts.


How glamorous. Here are the Lips of horse the animal.

Lips are like a pile of two hot dogs.

Lips come in two sizes: Normal and Regular.

False Lips. Intruder. Deceiver. Get out. Get out. Get out.

You might ask yourself, “Who is this handsome fellow?” The answer is so simple: It is Lips.

These Lips are fighting. They hate each other. When Lips fight, nobody wins.

When the bitter times come into your life, Lips do a frown. It’s very good to frown. It’s the best.

These Lips are wearing the hat named Mustache. The hat named Mustache is a gift from the angels.

Have you ever taken a smell of Lips? The smell of Lips is not to be missed. The smell is so beautiful that when you do a smell of it the beauty of the smell will make you scream and you will know for sure that God is real. Lips smell like a flower growing in an honest man’s garage.

When Lips are in town, you can be certain that everything is going to be just tremendous.

Yes, you guessed it: Lips.