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Living The High Life: This Man Has A 680 Credit Score And No Serious Skin Conditions!

At a time when more people than ever are unhappy and pretty much everyone seems to be struggling to stay afloat, here’s a rare story of someone who is truly living the dream: This man has a 680 credit score and no serious skin conditions.

Wow! What a life!

Though Brendan Garlock may be only 27 years old, he’s already enjoying a lifestyle fit for a king, boasting an above-average credit score that probably won’t hold him back from anything in life and good enough skin to where it doesn’t really cause him any problems. Never having to worry about things like psoriasis flare-ups or expensive dermatologist visits, Brendan has plenty of time and energy to practice fiscal responsibility. It sounds too good to be true, but somehow he’s making it happen. Not only does Brendan usually pay both of his credit cards on time, but also, if he were to ever try to buy a house, he’d probably get approved for a mortgage with a decent interest rate!

Sigh. Some people just have it all.

The sad reality is that we can’t all live the high-rolling life that Brendan does, but at least we can be happy knowing that when his pretty-much-zit-free head hits the pillow every night, he’s smiling from ear to ear. And you can guarantee he’s whistling a happy tune when he sees his credit score sitting solidly in the greenish-yellow portion of the graphic on his bank’s website—the guy’s literally only two or three notches away from being fully green! Brendan seriously must have been a saint or something in a past life to deserve such a sweet situation, because it really doesn’t get much better than what he’s got going on now. He’s truly living the high life!