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Look At This Starving Stray Dog’s Amazing Transformation

The staff of the Tulsa Animal Foundation found Bella, a 1-year-old lab-terrier mix, three weeks ago when she was spotted eating out of a dumpster in an abandoned lot.

Her fur was matted, her ribs were showing, and she shook whenever anyone touched her. Her condition was appalling; after a few more days, who knows what would have happened? But then the hard-working, compassionate employees of the TAF did something absolutely amazing:

Who is that handsome hound? It didn’t take long, but thanks to her rescuers, Bella is completely transformed. A few weeks ago, she was covered in flies, with rashes and sores on her tiny canine body, but now she has a bow on her head. Simply beautiful!

It shows you just how far a little love can go. And while we can’t stop bad things from happening, kind-hearted people will always be there to save the day.

Bella is up for adoption, so anyone interested in giving this adorable pooch even more TLC should fill out an application!