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Look Away, Christians: It Is The Devil

Let the devout beware! The Devil is in your midst!

If you are a good Christian, avert your eyes! Here is the Devil, Prince of Liars.

Shield your eyes, ye God-fearing, for the Adversary is before you to wreak his darkest mischief.

He has gone by many names—Mammon, Samael, Azazel, Abaddon, Moloch—but one thing is certain: He is here!

Tear yourself from the seductive gaze of the Lord of Lies! Let God’s love guide you if you value your soul over earthly power!

The Devil takes on forms to beguile and ensnare us, but a true Christian will see through his deceptions and turn from his grasping claws.

Turn away, but do not castigate yourself for clicking this link, for even Christ the Redeemer was tempted from upon that high mountain!

Away, serpent! And never again darken this place of peace!