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Look Your Best: The 7 Most Slimming Trains To Stand Next To

Because you’re totally going to start that new workout routine…tomorrow.

1. EMD SD70M-2

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Not quite in beach-body shape? Nobody will be thinking about your problem areas with this flagship locomotive of Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc. at your side.

2. Amtrak Acela Express

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Pear-shaped? Apple-shaped? It doesn’t matter what body type you have—the 304-passenger Amtrak Acela Express will perfectly complement any figure.

3. DSJ 4017

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Bold blocks of color and vertical lines will only slim you so much—this 14-foot-tall, 6,345-foot-long freighter will make you look positively dainty.

4. EMD F59PH

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This EMD F59PH will not only make you look trim and vibrant, but it’s also been designated by the Environmental Protection Agency as a low-emissions locomotive, so you can look great and feel great too.

5. Brookville BL36PH

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Looking to wow at your wedding? Skip the crazy diets and just cozy up to this workhorse of Florida’s Tri-Rail commuter service, and you’ll cherish your wedding photos forever.

6. 1994 Muni San Francisco Cable Car

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Ladies, stop sucking it in! Don’t run from your curves—celebrate them with this eight-and-a-half-ton cable car from San Francisco’s Powell-Hyde line. It’s smaller than a freight train, but it will still take focus away from places you don’t want it!

7. Innovia ART 200

This commuter train will especially draw the eye from the tummy region if you wear a shirt that says “Check Out This Train Directly To My Left.” Rock it with confidence the next time you have a girls’ night out!