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Luckiest Man Ever? This Guy Goes On The Computer All Day For A Job!

There’s getting lucky, and then there’s hitting the jackpot.

Spencer Boyle, a 29-year-old account manager living in San Francisco, definitely fits into the latter category. Yes, he wakes up, goes to an amazing job he loves, and gets paid to do it.

Oh, and one other thing: He gets to go on the computer all day, every day, and no one makes him get off at all.

Wait, what?

Yup. As part of his job, Spencer got his own laptop from his boss that he can use eight hours a day, and even longer if he wants! He never has to take breaks to go outside, and he doesn’t have to stop and talk to any of his coworkers if he doesn’t want to. Also, Spencer’s boss is so nice and totally trusts him to eat lunch and dinner in front of it, even after he spilled water near it once!

Come on!

How is this possible? Because, as if Spencer’s life weren’t crazy enough already, get this: He can bring his computer home to send email over the weekend, as long as he brings it back to the office on Monday. Also, he can work in bed or in front of the TV, and no one says anything!

Seriously, Spencer, save some good fortune for the rest of us! Maybe someday, if we’re lucky, we can all be like Spencer and have computers that we can use forever too.