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Major Storytelling Error: David Benioff Is Apologizing In Advance For A Scene In The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale Where Jon Snow’s Cell Phone Goes Off And His Ringtone Is A 16-Bit Version Of The Show’s Theme Song

The final season of Game Of Thrones has received a lot of criticism for what many fans consider to be glaring creative mistakes on the part of lead writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. Unfortunately, it seems like those fans are going to have to brace themselves for even more unpopular storytelling decisions from GoT’s showrunners, because David Benioff just issued an advance apology for a scene in the Game Of Thrones finale where Jon Snow’s cell phone goes off and his ringtone is a 16-bit version of the show’s theme song.

Yikes. It sounds like the Game Of Thrones writers have made a massive blunder with this one.

“We thought it would be an emotional tribute to Game Of Thrones to reveal that after all this time, Jon’s cellphone ringtone was a MIDI version of the show’s iconic theme song, but we’re starting to realize that a lot of fans are going to view this moment as completely out of place in the fantasy world of Westeros,” Benioff said in a lengthy mea culpa posted on Twitter earlier this morning. “When we were filming the scene, everyone on set was crying and hugging each other because we thought it was such a meaningful moment to show that Jon Snow loved Game Of Thrones so much that he would pay 99 cents to make the theme song his ringtone. Kit Harington could barely get through the scene without breaking down in tears. But it’s becoming increasingly clear to us that most people who watch the show are going to hate this, and we’re really sorry.”

According to Benioff, the glaring storytelling error takes place during a climactic scene in which Jon Snow has just been poisoned by a power-mad Daenerys Targaryen. Clutching at his throat, Jon Snow stumbles his way to the doors of his bedchamber as Daenerys cooly moves to block his escape, a cruel smile beginning to play across her lips, when suddenly the translucent fabric of Jon Snow’s cloak lights up with the rectangular blue hue of a phone screen while the minor-key melody of the show’s theme song begins tinkling out full-blast in all its 16-bit glory.

Eventually, the phone goes silent as Jon Snow finally succumbs to the poison at Daenerys’ feet, but Benioff has warned that it will be impossible not to notice its reappearance moments later when Daenerys leans down to kiss a dead Jon Snow on the forehead and the phone lights up and starts buzzing in his breast pocket as whoever called him finishes leaving a voicemail.

Benioff then issued a follow-up apology for publicly spoiling that Daenerys kills Jon Snow before the final episode had aired.

Yeesh. It’s pretty clear that everyone involved in this decision can expect an avalanche of angry tweets after the GoT finale airs this Sunday. Even those diehard fans who have been defending the show throughout this polarizing season are going to have a hard time justifying the decision to include a cellphone blaring a digital rendition of the show’s own theme music. We’ll see how it plays out, but even with the heads-up, it’s doubtful audiences will be forgiving.