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Must-See TV: Vanna White Revealed The True Name Of God On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Last Night And The Contestant Who Uttered It Turned To Ash

After 35 seasons on the air, you’d think that Wheel Of Fortune would be running low on ways to keep things fresh. But that is absolutely not the case, as last night’s episode featured a surprise for the ages: Vanna White revealed the true name of God on the puzzle board, and the contestant who uttered it immediately turned to ash.

Now THAT is some must-see TV!

The episode was playing out like any other yesterday until the beginning of the fourth round, when the category “THE TRUE NAME OF GOD” appeared on the board along with a seven-letter puzzle. The three contestants then got to work solving the puzzle, trading off guesses until they’d uncovered the letters “_ORA_M_”. It was then that 46-year-old Kent Wilkins, going off nothing more than a hunch, announced that he’d like to solve the puzzle in a risky attempt to win a Carnival Cruise to Bermuda. Wilkins then made a guess at God’s one true name—a name we will not reprint here for safety reasons—and the instant Vanna White revealed the name on the puzzle board confirming he’d guessed correctly, a pillar of swirling, pitch-black smoke descended upon him and reduced him to a pile of ash.

From that moment on, it was pretty much the best episode of Wheel Of Fortune that anyone’s seen in years! As the prize lights on the wheel flashed jubilantly to signal that the puzzle had been solved, a great wailing and gnashing of teeth spread through the audience, and host Pat Sajak’s hair turned snow-white as a towering golden fig tree grew skyward out of his mouth. And if that wasn’t already exciting enough, Vanna then declared in a thunderous voice that “the seal has been broken,” and a tidal wave of lamb’s blood surged over the set, and the words “WOE, WOE, WOE” strobed chaotically on the puzzle board in Hebrew. Each of the contestants’ dollar totals then reset to zero, and the broadcast cut to commercial.

It truly was a sight to behold!

Unfortunately, Wheel Of Fortune’s producers decided to stop shooting at that point, so viewers were unable to see how things played out from there. But even though the episode was cut short, we still got to see one of the most memorable moments in the show’s history. It made for some seriously compelling entertainment, and it was another amazing example of the endless excitement that’s helped make Wheel Of Fortune the longest-syndicated game show to ever air on television.