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Nature Is Incredible: This Suicidal Octopus Species Can Perfectly Camouflage Itself As A Hamburger To Get Predators To Eat It Faster

If you love nature and biology, then prepare to have your mind blown when you learn about this incredible miracle of evolution: This suicidal octopus can perfectly camouflage itself as a hamburger to get predators to eat it faster!

Absolutely amazing! There is no end to the awesome things that nature can do.

The Caribbean reef octopus is a species of cephalopod found in the tropical waters of the West Indies, and its greatest wish is to die as soon as possible. In order to accomplish this goal, this crafty sea creature performs an act of camouflage so astounding it almost seems like magic! It is able to contort its body and adjust the pigmentation of its skin so that it looks nearly identical to a delicious hamburger. To any passing predators such as sharks or seals, the octopus is almost completely indistinguishable from a quarter-pound beef patty on a sesame seed bun, and it is only a matter of moments before the octopus is completely devoured, thus granting it the sweet release of death it so desperately craves.

The intelligence of animals is astounding!

Scientists have also reported that, in its quest to die, a Caribbean reef octopus can cleverly alter its skin coloration to resemble a veggie burger in order to trick herbivorous animals to eat it! On occasion, some of the creatures have even been observed contorting into a hamburger shape and then emitting a deafening trumpet noise that can alert predators as far as 100 miles away of their exact location. The resourcefulness these brilliant little sea creatures are capable of in their desperate pursuit of death is utterly mind-boggling, and they won’t need to evolve much more before they have all the tools they need to drive their entire species to extinction.


The Caribbean reef octopus is a beautiful reminder that if an animal doesn’t think life is worth living, it will eventually evolve the perfect ruse to trick other animals into killing it. Human beings have made some pretty amazing technological achievements, but the suicidal Caribbean reef octopus is proof that nature remains the greatest inventor of all!