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Neat! 6 Babies That We Just Found Crawling Around In A Corn Field

Exciting news, everyone! We were just taking a relaxing morning stroll through the countryside when we stumbled upon a shit-ton of babies crawling around in a corn field. How awesome is that?!? 

Check it out! It’s a human baby! Hell yeah! Look what was crawling around out here in the corn! A human baby! When this little chunker saw us approaching, she got a bit spooked and burrowed down into the soil to hide. Not sure what she was doing all alone outside or how she got there, but she nonetheless brought a big smile to our faces!

Say hello to this little rascal! Just appeared out of nowhere and said the word “apple.” Pretty darn cool, if you ask us. Always great to see a baby.

The last thing on earth you expect to find crawling around in a field is a baby, so when that does happen, you get pretty jazzed about it. No matter how many babies you find crawling around among cornstalks, it never stops being exciting.

Another one! What a lucky day! It’s hard to know what the rules are when you find a baby like this in a corn field. Can you keep them? Should you call the cops? Probably best to just let the baby be, although full disclosure, we couldn’t help but pinch this cutie’s chubby little thighs.

What drew all of these babies into the cornfield? Was it the corn? This one had crawled up a corn stalk and was giggling as he rocked it back and forth. Unfortunately, he got a little too rowdy and ended up falling off and bonking his head. Awwww! Poor little fella!

Whoa! Guess you’ve gotta be careful where you step, you never know when there might be a baby crawling around. When you see a baby in a field, maybe try throwing her a handful of coins in case she needs money to call a cab to get home. It might just scare her away, but it’s worth a try. Finding all these babies was such a wonderful experience. What a fun day in the corn.