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Neat! This New App Shows You What You Would Look Like If You Had Just Taken Care of Yourself The Tiniest Bit Better

Facial filtering technology has come a long way in the past few years, and it looks like a group of app developers has figured out an incredibly insightful way to use it: This awesome new app shows you what you would look like if you had taken care of yourself the tiniest bit better!

Pretty cool! This app is definitely in the running to be one of your best downloads of the year.

The new app is called Squandr, and its interface is simple: Just open the app, snap a photo of yourself, and choose from a long list of easy, healthy lifestyle choices that you’ve failed to make over the years, like ‘Paid Attention To Your Posture,’ or ‘Washed Your Bedsheets More Than Four Times A Year.’ The healthy habit you pick then acts as a filter that alters your photo, showing you exactly how much more attractive and vibrant you would be today if you had made even the slightest attempt to keep up the bare-minimum wellness practice you selected.

We’d like to extend a hearty thank you to Squandr’s developers, because this app is exactly what we didn’t know we needed.

With countless filters to choose from, like ‘Drank Just One More Cup Of Water A Day’ and ‘Shelled Out For A Decent Face Wash Instead Of Figuring Shampoo Would Get The Job Done,’ users can finally get a glimpse of the younger, more radiant version of themselves that could have existed if they’d just made one or two better choices along the way. Advanced image analysis technology patented by Squandr’s creators helps the app create hyper-specific predictions based on a variety of lifestyle scenarios—so you can see just how much more energy your facial expression would exude if you had exercised regularly instead of thinking that walking around the city every day is the same as going to the gym—then figure out the precise amount of sun damage you would have avoided if you had been applying daily SPF instead of just convincing yourself that your face looks better with a little tan.

The chance to see all the health and beauty you’ve totally missed the boat on is only one part of Squandr’s appeal. The app also features a social platform that lets you go head-to-head with friends to compete over who wasted the most potential—whether via avoiding any and all confrontations and allowing the stress to erode their hairline or regularly eating dinner past 10 p.m. and giving their body no chance to process it before going to bed.

Just amazing. If you’re ready to check out how badly you’ve blown it with some truly inexcusable health choices, you’ll want to download Squandr pronto. We know we will!