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Neither The Time Nor Place: This Girl Wrote That She And Her Boyfriend Have Had Their Ups And Downs In The Caption Of The Instagram She Posted For His Birthday

Get ready to cringe, because this is a story about someone who could use some serious help reading the room: This girl wrote that she and her boyfriend have had their ups and downs in the caption of the Instagram she posted for his birthday.

Jesus Christ. Tone deaf much? Just straight-up call him an asshole on his birthday, why don’t you?

In honor of her boyfriend Greg Sommersett’s 28th birthday, 27-year-old Jacqueline Peters posted an Instagram of the two of them smiling on a rooftop bar—but based on her caption, it’s pretty clear she doesn’t understand what’s an appropriate thing to say to celebrate a year of her significant other’s life. “Happy birthday to this one! Though we’ve certainly had our ups and downs and it hasn’t always been easy, you’ve stayed by my side,” began Jacqueline, immediately missing the mark on the type of light and sweet message that the situation calls for and instead writing a caption that amounts to an open-handed slap in the face.

Do you even fucking like this guy, Jacqueline? Because everything you’re writing makes it seem like you hate his fucking guts.

Worse still, Jacqueline continued to just take a shit all over the man she apparently loves, adding, “These past two years have been a whirlwind of angst and changes, but through all of our disagreements, you’re the one I’ll always choose.” Regardless of whether or not that’s true, it’s pretty fucking psychotic to write that on your boyfriend’s birthday. Any of Jacqueline’s 1,803 Instagram followers who read that caption would undoubtedly walk away picturing Jacqueline and her boyfriend in the middle of a knock-down, drag-out fight, not having a pleasant birthday drink together. And based on how bleak and vague her tone is, they wouldn’t be crazy to think that maybe Greg is some kind of evil sociopath with whom Jacqueline is trapped in a toxic cycle of emotional manipulation, rather than a nice guy who she adores and has been dating for three years.

Goddamn. Imagine being Greg and reading that kind of negative-ass message from the person who’s supposed to care about you more than anyone. Poor, poor Greg.

Yep, there’s no denying that for a birthday message, this caption gets into some much-to0-heavy stuff. Jacqueline messed this one up, big time. It’s not clear what she was going for, but it definitely resulted in a weird vibe. Here’s hoping she writes something way fucking lighter for Greg’s next birthday.