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Not Quite How It Works: Mom Posted A ‘But Her Emails’ Meme Underneath The Status Her Friend Posted About Putting Her Dog To Sleep

Mom’s slowly been getting the hang of communicating online recently, but her latest Facebook interaction proves that she’s still a long way from mastering social media: Mom just posted a “But Her Emails” meme underneath the status her friend posted about putting her dog to sleep.

Yikes. Mom’s getting better at using memes, but this one was definitely a misfire.

Earlier today, about an hour after Mom’s work friend Barbara made a post memorializing her Cairn terrier, Mom chimed in with this curveball of a reply:

Mom really swung for the fences with this one, but she’s apparently still got some learning to do.

To be fair, this is the first time we’ve ever seen Mom post a meme, and it’s honestly a lot closer than we would have expected: She knows you’re supposed to use a “But Her Emails” meme after something bad happens, and she posted a high-quality JPEG instead of a grainy screenshot from her phone. But there are definitely still some key nuances that appear to have gotten lost along the way.

The most charitable interpretation here is that Mom is trying to say that Barbara’s dog wouldn’t have died if Hillary Clinton had been elected president, but the most likely explanation is that she just doesn’t understand when it’s appropriate to use the “But Her Emails” meme and now her friend is almost certainly confused and upset that Mom seems to be implying that her dead dog is somehow related to the fallout of the 2016 election.

Overall, Mom gets an A for effort but a C- for execution on her first foray into the world of using memes. She might be able to improve with time, but to be honest, after this misstep it’s probably best for everyone if she just gives up on memes altogether.