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Not Sure What’s Going On Here, But Okay: Here’s Some Germans Being Weird In Those Little Outfits

Hmm. Not sure what’s going on here. Can’t make heads or tails of any of it.

So, uh, here we have some old German guys being weird in their little outfits. Just doing Oompa Loompa shit in the middle of a restaurant.

Okay, now they’ve decided to bring some benches out onto the floor to squat over.

Now some more old men have joined them and they’re all standing on a bench. Huh. Anyone know what’s going on here? Is this like a religious thing or something?

And now some ladies are getting into the mix. They’ve got their own kind of outfit, it seems. Not really fans of regular clothes, those Germans.

Oh, wow, okay. Here come some tuba guys.

And some more.

And some more.

Sure got a lot of tuba guys over there.

In normal cultures, tubas are kind of a laughingstock instrument. But apparently in Germany bands just consist of, like, 50 tubas and nothing else.

Oh, c’mon. They’re just fucking with us now. Get the fuck outta here with these Dr. Seuss-ass horns. No way that four men simultaneously blowing 15-foot-long horns sounds good. That’s not music.

Okay, well it now seems the Germans would like to show us their pretzels.

Nothing like dressing up in 1700s clothes and waving huge pretzels in the air with your friends.

Uh huh, we see them. Very cool pretzels.

Yep. The pretzels are large.

Okay, now here’s a lady drinking beer from a giant boot. Not sure why Germans can’t just use cups like everyone else. Not everything needs to be a thing. It’s okay to be normal sometimes. Just chill out.

Look, the Germans are free to do whatever weird shit they want, but we just can’t wrap our heads around any of it. It’s the fuckin’ Twilight Zone. But whatever. You do you, Germany.