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Nothing Fancy Here: 6 Normal Hairstyles

Tired of all the extravagant, confusing hairdos out there these days? Try one of these six nice, normal hairstyles.

1. Brushed

If you’re looking for your regular, run-of-the mill hairstyle, try brushed. Brushed hair is when you run a brush through your hair. This is a hairstyle you see all the time, and for good reason—it’s normal. It doesn’t require much (just a brush and your hair), but anyone who sees it will recognize your classic brushed-hair look.

2. Curly

When it comes to hair, it’s hard to get more normal than curly hair. Often, hair comes out of your head already looking like this, making it an easy, no-frills hairstyle that you can do any day of the week. Put down your fancy hair dryers and barrettes, and try some nice, simple curly hair!

3. Classic Hair

We’d explain how to do the hairstyle Classic Hair, but you probably know how already. It’s a classic and normal hairstyle that people young and old can enjoy. If you’re looking for a twist to make your Classic Hair a little longer, you can just sit and wait for it to get longer on its own. No fancy gels or complicated tools required!

4. Hat

Hat! Anyone can wear their hair in hat, so go for it today! If you don’t have a hat, try winning one in a raffle.

5. Bald Head (No Hair)

When it comes to a hairstyle with no hair, bald head is one of the most normal of all. In fact, being bald isn’t just normal, it’s also plain and regular. Whether you’re naturally bald or shave your head, wear your no hair the bald-head way. You don’t need all sorts of creams and potions to look incredibly bald!

6. Just Regular

It never hurts to wear your hair just regular! Look to any old regular person for inspiration for this simple but iconic hairstyle. When it comes to styling regular hair, you can’t go wrong—just make it look regular, and go strut your stuff!