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Oasis Fans, Rejoice! Liam And Noel Gallagher Have Been Paired Up By Their American History Teacher To Work On A PowerPoint About The Teapot Dome Scandal Together

When Oasis broke up due to the constant infighting between band leaders Liam and Noel Gallagher, the world was forced to say goodbye to one of the greatest rock bands ever. But after years of enduring the brothers’ bitter feuds, Oasis fans might finally have a reason to get excited, because Liam and Noel have been paired up by their American history teacher to work on a PowerPoint about the Teapot Dome scandal together!

This is huge news for anyone who loves Oasis!

After more than a decade of airing their grievances in TV interviews and slinging petty insults on social media, the perpetually squabbling Gallagher brothers are now required to collaborate on a school project that will count for 15 percent of their final grade in history class. Music industry insiders say the Gallagher brothers’ history teacher, Mr. Lofgren, had his 24-student class count off from one to 12 twice, and both brothers, sitting on opposite sides of the room, ended up being fives. We don’t want to get our hopes up too much, but we’ve got our fingers crossed that being forced to meet in the computer lab after school every day this week to complete their school project on the Harding administration’s infamous bribery scandal might just be the first step toward the brothers burying the hatchet and launching a full-on Oasis reunion!

Liam and Noel are definitely not happy about getting paired with each other for the presentation, but Mr. Lofgren is one of the strictest teachers in the school, and he’s definitely not going to let them switch partners. The two most volatile members of Oasis have no choice but to deal with each other, and seeing as 15 percent of Mr. Lofgren’s grading rubric comes from “evidence of cooperative learning,” the Gallaghers are going to have to set aside whatever differences they have in order to ensure that their PowerPoint on the Teapot Dome scandal doesn’t ruin their GPAs.

While this mandatory group presentation doesn’t guarantee an Oasis reunion, it’s definitely exciting to see these two talented musicians taking notes out of the same American history textbook. Oasis fans everywhere will be crossing their fingers that Noel and Liam Gallagher’s group history project on government corruption in early-20th-century America leads to the brothers finding enough common ground to get their legendary band back together. If they can cooperate enough to impress Mr. Lofgren, then there’s a chance that someday soon we’ll be seeing the brothers belting out “Live Forever” to stadium crowds just like the old days!