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Ooh La La, And Va-Va-Voom! This Sexy Lady Lights Up The Room!

This chick is a vixen and we can’t stop staring! Sexy lady, we love what you are wearing!

That downturned hat! That sexy arm! This lady must live inside the Sexy Farm?

We BELCH with desire! She has an umbrella! This sexy lady make our hearts melt like a Cheese Mozzarella!!

Va-va-voom, you sex machine!! Your body is the Gatorade in our love canteen!

She wears boxing lingerie! Sound the alarm! We want to with with Sexy Lady in her Pig Pen inside Sexy Farm!

She’s simply a vision in her décolletage! Sexy Lady so lovely she must be a mirage!

Oh no! What a tragedy as our phone’s been disconnected. But maybe one day we’ll meet again, and have sex (unprotected)! Well ooh la la, Misses Minx, stay sexy and good! We’ll miss you so much (anyone would)!