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Parent Of The Year! This Single Mother Of 3 Works 2 Jobs And Still Makes Time To Relentlessly Stalk Cuba Gooding Jr.

For many single parents, maintaining a healthy work–life balance is nearly impossible, but here’s a story of an amazing woman who doesn’t let being a single parent stop her from living life to the fullest: This single mother of three works two jobs and still makes time to relentlessly stalk Cuba Gooding Jr.

This woman is truly mom goals personified!

Francesca Howarth of Los Angeles, CA is a real-life wonder woman who, despite spending long hours waitressing during the day, working night shifts at a hospital, and taking care of three young children at home, still manages to find time every single day to root through the trash outside of Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Beverly Hills mansion in search of loose hairs and personal belongings for the shrine she’s dedicated to him in her bedroom closet. Of course, when you’re a mom with two jobs, you have to learn to multitask, a skill that Francesca demonstrates masterfully every morning as she packs her kids’ lunch with one hand and holds binoculars with the other so that she can catch glimpses of Cuba while parked at the end of his driveway.

And as if that wasn’t amazing enough, Francesca manages to find a few hours every night after her kids go to bed to scrawl lengthy, impassioned letters to Cuba letting him know that she would kill for him and that her greatest fantasy is to wear his face—a task that leaves her with only four hours to sleep before she has to wake up, take the kids to school, leave a dead cat in Cuba’s mailbox, and clock in for another eight-hour shift on her feet at the diner she heard Cuba has been known to frequent! It’s a selfless and utterly exhausting routine, making those rare moments where she gets time to curl up and relax in Cuba’s bedsheets after breaking into his house all the sweeter.

Life is often a difficult balancing act for Francesca. With her hectic schedule, there are some days where she just can’t find a spare minute to do her hair or iron the undershirt she stole from Cuba’s car that she wears everyday under her clothes. While Francesca somehow makes it look easy, there are times when her daily grind takes a serious emotional toll, requiring her to just step back for a moment, take a deep breath, wander past security onto the movie set where Cuba is filming, go up to his trailer, and have a nice long cry, shouting through her sobs that she is Cuba’s wife and eternal lover and that she’ll kill herself if she can’t wear his beautiful skin over hers. But once she gets it all out, Francesca unfailingly wipes away her tears and keeps going, because no matter how hard things get, she knows she needs to be strong for her family and that Cuba will understand that she is his soulmate after she stabs a political figure to impress him.

Wow, someone call up The Ellen Show and see if we can get this supermom a well-deserved vacation!

How one working woman can manage to balance her insatiable obsession with Cuba Gooding Jr. and raising three children all alone, we’ll never understand, but it is beyond inspiring. You go, Francesca!