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PC Culture Run Amok? This School Is Majority Black

Well, looks like the PC police might have gone a little too far with this one.

Audubon Hill Middle School, located in Baltimore, isn’t like other schools you know about: It’s more than 75 percent black, and over the past few years, the percentage of African-American students there has actually been growing, showing no signs of slowing down. And while we’re all for inclusivity and racial diversity, one look at this and all we can do is think, “Oh, brother!”

Okay, okay. We can all agree that creating a culture that embraces diversity is definitely important, but isn’t this majority-black middle school thing taking it just a tad too far?

Seriously, just take a look at the racial makeup of this place: In a single classroom alone, there are 40 or 50 kids, and—you guessed it—pretty much all of them are black. And what about the rest of the kids at the school? Well, it turns out that over 12 percent of the students identify as Latino!

Yes, acceptance is a necessary virtue, but when did it become necessary to be this preachy with our education system? Is it really helping the PC movement this much to have a school that has basically no white kids at all? What’s next—an all-black middle school?

The bottom line is that, yes, our culture needs a mindset change, but we’re going about it the wrong way. Because if the only way our nation will be happy is by filling our school’s campuses with only one minority, well, sorry, that’s a little much.