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Please, Whatever You Do, Do Not Use The Slider To Throw Mud And Scorpions All Over These Nice Grandmas

Portrait of an elderly woman in a state of worry

We want ClickHole to be a safe and welcoming place for everyone, but that can only happen if each person does their part. Hence, we are asking that our readers please refrain from dumping mud and scorpions all over these sweet old ladies. Yes, we realize that it would be incredibly easy to prank these unsuspecting grandmas, and we admit it’d probably be a lot of fun, but the fact is that they’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve our cruelty, and ultimately it’s just not something we can tolerate on our website. Please, please just leave them be.

To cover this friendly grandma head to toe in mud and scary scorpions, all you’d need to do is move the slider from the left to the right. It could not be more simple, and there’s literally zero chance you’d face any consequences, but we nonetheless ask that you’d resist the temptation. No need to ruin this old lady’s day.

Okay, seriously, leave this grandma alone. She is terrified of bugs, and she might legitimately have a heart attack if you put scorpions on her. Don’t be a dick. 

It’s ridiculous we even have to say this, but just in case it wasn’t already 100 percent clear, you absolutely SHOULD NOT throw mud and scorpions all over this grandma. She’s got a broken arm, okay? She doesn’t need to deal with any more bullshit. 

Don’t you fucking dare. ClickHole is a bullying-free zone, and we must insist that our readers do not do scorpion-based pranks on the elderly. It is forbidden. Don’t even think about it. 

Oh my goodness, this grandma made us a pie! That is so sweet. You’d have to be a truly evil person to put mud and scorpions all over someone who just made you a pie. Please, please be nice to her. 

You know what, fuck it. If picking on the elderly is something you absolutely insist on doing, then you might as well go ahead and get it out of your system. Here’s a mean-looking grandma you can really go to town on. You can dump all the mud and scorpions you want on her, but you have to promise us that you’ll leave the other grandmas alone. Understood? We believe this is more than fair.

Okay, you’ve had your shits and giggles, but now it’s time to be nice. Whatever you do, do not throw mud and scorpions on this grandma. Just let her go in peace. If you feel the urge to be mean to her, take a second and think about how upset you would feel if someone threw mud and scorpions all over YOUR grandma. Not so fun when you think about it that way, huh? Nope, it’s no fun at all, which is why it’s so important that you treat this grandma kindly. Can you do that? Can you be nice to her? We hope so. Thank you in advance.