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Prepare To Scream: The 50 Scariest Three-Word Horror Stories Ever Told

Horror stories are often considered the scariest type of story, and three-word horror stories are considered the scariest horror stories of all. This Halloween, we’ve compiled a list of the 50 scariest three-word horror stories ever told. Each one is more terrifying and depraved than the last. Read on…if you dare!

The man lied.
Indoor soccer: postponed.
Murdered by elves.
Dracula’s en route.
Bigfoot’s my husband.
Dog, with sword.
Ah! Boo! Ahhh!!!!
Get ‘em, Dracula.
The wife frowned.
I got pushed.
Ayooooo it’s Satan!!!
Me want gun.
Frowning from quicksand.
Goths, punks, etc.
Where are head?
He died…always.
Tremendously Frankenstein-ish behavior.
Skinless and sad.
Jaws (the shark).
Bats there flew.
Worm people aplenty.
Three hundred Draculas.
Boring mummy attack.
Shrunken a lot.
Two clowns lengthening.
World’s moldiest girlfriend.
Evildoer inherits $5,000.
The dentist exploded.
Frankenstein wins Eurovision.
A demon shrugged.
Crap! I’m haunted.
Bra size: unknown.
Gollum friendzoned me.
Frankenstein goosed me.
“Me? I’m gremlin!”
Dracula met mummies.
Pinhead is valedictorian.
Murder is around.
Jim became…GHOUL.
One entire spider.
It saw it.
Car crash happen.
It is fright.
Here’s him: Murderer.
No! NO! WOLVES!!!!!
Well, there’s Dracula.
I’m haunted today.
Yooooo!! I’m murdered!
Muchos muchos werewolves.