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Prioritizing Safety: This Couple Is Making Every Guest Test Negative For Covid Before Coming To Their Wedding To Get Covid

Planning a wedding in the midst of a pandemic that’s not quite over is certainly stressful, so it’s become commonplace for couples to request that their guests take precautions ahead of time to make sure all attendees stay safe. That’s why this couple out of Boston, MA is making every guest test negative for Covid before coming to their wedding to get Covid.

Now this is how you prioritize safety!

As explained on the “Health and Safety” tab of their wedding website, soon-to-be-newlyweds Josh Bauer and Lila Nicholson have asked everyone coming to their wedding to take either a PCR or rapid antigen test within three days of the indoor ceremony, which will take place in a poorly ventilated ballroom filled to maximum capacity. Josh and Lila emphasized that because there will be several high-risk guests in attendance, it’s of the utmost importance to them that everyone also show proof of vaccination before inevitably giving those high-risk guests Covid anyway.

Lila, who lost a great-grandparent to Covid two years ago, further explained that due to her personal connection to the virus’s severity, she encourages all 175 guests to quarantine for two days before traveling to the wedding via either a crowded airplane or a long drive involving multiple stops at high-traffic rest areas. The couple thoughtfully added that they’ve even requested that all caterers and band members at the party wear masks, ensuring that no staff will put guests at risk for Covid or be at risk themselves, except during any of the times the attendees eat, drink, or socialize, which the couple has stressed that they’re more than welcome to do.

The couple ended their message by saying that they can’t wait to make their wedding a night they’ll remember forever, which they certainly will, because it’ll be the night that everyone in their life got Covid—unless they just had Covid, in which case they’ll most likely be fine.

Yes!! It’s so amazing to see a couple go above and beyond to put the health of their wedding guests first! Although Josh and Lila didn’t explain how they’ll be checking whether guests have tested negative, or what they’ll do for any guests who forget to take a test at all, they’ll surely figure it out in time for their July wedding. Here’s to the happy and conscientious couple!