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Probably A Lost Cause: 6 Amazing Quotes That Would Be Pretty Inspirational To Horses If They Could Understand Them

It’s a shame that horses can’t read, because they’re missing out on tons of potentially moving, inspirational sayings about being a horse. These five beautiful quotes, for example, would doubtless be pretty inspirational to horses if only they could understand them.

Wow—there’s no denying that this amazing quote about ignoring the pressure to perform perfectly and just getting the job done would bring a tear to a horse’s eye if he or she could read it. Most horses can probably relate to the struggles that come along with being expected to cover long distances on foot day in and day out. Sadly, laying out this quote on a nice background was probably a waste of time because it’s highly unlikely that a horse will ever come upon it, let alone understand it.

Just beautiful! If we could have one wish, it would be that just one horse in all of history would be gifted with the cognitive ability needed to read and understand this incredibly touching quote.

Now this is the kind of quote you know horses would be printing out on T-shirts left and right if they had the ability to do so. Surely this cute, upbeat saying would bring a smile to a horse’s face and help get him through a long day! If only!

So true! This quote is a great reminder that horses are stronger together than alone!

You can just imagine a horse reading this quote and immediately getting a surge of inspiration to gallop down a trail with all the speed and strength she could muster. In a reality where horses could read this quote, they would be turning to it for encouragement all the time. To be honest, though, it probably will never get through to any of the horses who could use it. Sad.

This quote truly cuts to the core of what it is to be a horse, and we only wish it were available in a format that a horse could understand. Maybe someday! Until then, we’re not really sure why we put this list together.