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Proud And Proud Of It: Meet The Woman Who’s Proud And Proud Of The Fact She’s Proud Of Being Proud

Ask any friend of Missoula, MT resident Cheryl Hastings and they’d all say the same thing: Cheryl is proud and proud of it. And beyond that, Cheryl maintains her pride in the fact that she’s proud of being proud.

That’s right! Cheryl says she doesn’t care about what anyone thinks, because she’s proud of her pride and has never been prouder of having pride in her pride.

“What can I say, I’m proud,” says Cheryl, who went on to say that no one can make her feel less proud of her pride if they tried. “I’m very proud of my pride, and that’s all I can say, I guess. Sure, I could have more pride, but I’m proud of the pride that I have. In fact, I’d say I’m proudest of that pride.”

Simply remarkable. Cheryl is showing us how we can feel more proud of ourselves in day-to-day life! So, what does Cheryl say to all the people who try to make her feel less proud of her pride?

“Stop trying to make me feel shame for my pride,” Cheryl says. “I’m proud of this pride, and I’m not going to feel ashamed of my pride. Shaming me isn’t going to shame the proud pride of which I am so proud. The only shame I feel about my pride is that I don’t take more proud pride in my pride. And I’m proud of that pride because I’m proud that I’m so proud of my pride that I can feel ashamed that my pride pride isn’t more proud than it could be. Shame on you if you shame my proud shame-pride. Maybe if you had proud pride you wouldn’t pride-shame my shame-pride.”

Good for you, Cheryl! You know, some people say pride cometh before the fall. But we say shame on those shameful pride-shamers. If Cheryl’s pride leads to her fall, we’ll still be proud, because Cheryl’s only going to fall into more pride. A prideful pride fall full of proud pride where the only shame is not shameful but prideful of a shamed fall into pride. Cheryl, be not not proud!