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Public Transit FTW: New York City Is Now Offering Passengers Souvenir Photos Of Their Bus Ride

Okay, now this is public transit done right.

Millions of residents rely on New York City’s massive public transit network, but instead of just doing the bare minimum to keep it all going, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is upgrading its services with its riders firmly in mind: Bus passengers in all five boroughs now can purchase a souvenir photograph to remember their ride.

Wow. Other cities take note!

Whether you spend the ride standing or sitting, the Commute Cam ensures that every passenger will be featured in at least one high-quality picture by the time they get to their stop. Now you can read a book, browse your phone, take a nap, or just hold onto the pole, confident that the MTA will capture every highlight of your trip. The next time you ride a crowded rush-hour bus in New York, you’ll have that moment preserved forever!

Touch-screen kiosks have been installed at every MTA bus stop where riders can select, purchase, and print their bus ride photos. While Big Apple Adventure and Central Park Safari are the only two decorative border options now, the MTA has promised to have a Broadway-themed one rolled out by the end of the year. Each picture will be branded with a stamp of your route number, so you’ll never forget your NYC bus experience.

At $6.99 per picture, the price is a little steep, but it’s well worth it to have a glossy memento of your bus trip to LaGuardia or Morris Heights. For those looking for something more substantial, you can even get your picture on a commemorative mug or T-shirt.

Definitely a fun keepsake for any fan of the bus!

Imagine how great New Yorkers’ morning commute will be from now on. They can sip their coffee while listlessly staring out the window at passing traffic, and then put that moment on their office desk so they can remember the bus all day. This is just another reason why NYC is the greatest city on Earth!